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Notes from Surviving & Thriving as a Startup Employee

Thanks to my panelists Shawn, Scott, Kristen, and Mia, and everyone who attended “Surviving & Thriving as a Startup Employee” during San Diego Startup Week 2017! Here are the titles suggested by panelists during the event:

Suggested Books:

Suggested Podcasts:

  • “The Startup Vault” with Allison Long-Pettine*
  • “Vini Vidi VC” with Neal Bloom*
  • “Above and Beyond” with Joelle Goldman
  • “How I Built This” on NPR
  • SBI Sales and Marketing Podcast
  • Secrets for Scaling by Geckoboard
  • This Week In Startups

Other tips for getting in-the-know with the industry:

  • Follow Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, etc. on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Take a deep dive in your specific vertical and be the subject matter expert on your team in your field’s periodicals and books

*local podcasts