It’s been a while since I’ve delved into my own WordPress install. My old site became so bulky, so difficult to manage, and just unpleasant in general; I’d forgotten what it was like to write on a clean slate. I’d also become less inclined to want to write my own material, mostly because I have been working a lot – but also because there are so many platforms and so many ways to do this, and I’ve worried so much about the best way to go about it.

After rolling it around in my head a bit, I decided I’d do what I have done: maintain my own blog, but link to all the other places where I live on the web. I could always cross-post to Medium, for instance, where I’ve quite enjoyed the interaction there. If I don’t want something with so much potential to spread far and wide, I don’t have to post it there (but I would be forced to if I used it as my sole blogging platform).

Anyways, I’m happy to be back in the land of WordPress. I’m pondering new themes and the best ways to organize my new site, but for now I’m pretty happy with something stripped-down and basic. Here’s to more posts in the near future.


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December 6, 2015