I’ve never before been asked to speak on a panel, so it’s really cool that I’ve been approached to talk about marketing in creative communication. I’ll be talking about my work as Community Manager for Carbon Robotics and sitting alongside other panelists with backgrounds in journalism, content creation, and social media.

If you or someone you know is quickly approaching the quest for a career, check out the My Sound Future Career Expo on April 23rd, 2016. My Sound Future guides youth on creative career paths and helps young people learn the skills it takes to cut it in the creative world.

I’m really excited to share how marketing is a viable career path that does indeed involve artistry and creative skills. I’m especially excited to meet all the speakers, other panelists, and likeminded youth looking to learn about possible career paths! Big thanks to Ferchil Ramos for thinking of me and I’m looking forward to meeting some new creatives on April 23rd.

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April 15, 2016